Breathtaking Masturbation in the Dramatic Presale Ticket

Breathtaking Masturbation in the Dramatic Presale Ticket. I ordered a presale ticket for a dramatic movie so I could choose my own seat. Everyone was looking at me maybe because I’m alone or maybe because I look so sexy in my outfit. Everyone can just do 5 min masturbation because of my seductive look. I looked for a seat and guy sitting on his own near the back. I bid my time until the lights dimmed and the show was about to start, the actors took their place on the stage and I got up quickly and made my way towards the guy. He seemed astonished to see someone sit next to him as there was so much space around him, but he silently transfer in his seat. The man in question looked handsome and he must have been in his early 30's. I drunk my drink and got into the play. I then went straight in for the kill and rubbed his crotch. He tried to move my hand away and must have been startled, but I gave his member a slight press and continued to fondle him, it started to grow in his jeans, I rubbed and rubbed. He whispered a no! As I carefully unzipped his jeans, this enabled me to feel him trough his fly. I smiled as I felt the tell tale wet bit on my fingers; I continued masturbating and rub his penis in its sensitive area and then taste the essence on my fingers.

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Sweet Ass Blonde Sweet Ass Blonde
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Carli Banks likes to masturbate Carli Banks likes to masturbate
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Both Strangers Enjoying Slimy Sex Masturbation in the Theater

Both Strangers Enjoying Slimy Sex Masturbation in the Theater. His slick shaft began to grow in my hand and whilst the lead actor continued reminiscing about life in the countryside I massaged his aching tool which was by now weeping from his juice. I really wanted to get his heavy balls out but it would be far too complicated, so I had to make do with second best. The guy opened his legs and move his feet, he was getting sizzling and tugged at his collar of his t shirt. I left it for a minute and he must have thought about explode it back inside his form fitting underwear, but was too far gone for that and he began to play with himself. That was not allowed and I quickly took over this time with urgency and I now winked him angrily, this went on for a few minutes and he silently grip my leg so tightly and quiet a moan as his huge organ lurched in my fist and erupted firing jets of hot spunk into the air. He continued to quietly moan with spasm. By then he had put his spent member back into his jeans. I sat in a different seat to look for another masturbation experience.

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